do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do. Please click here

Why don’t you offer Gluten Free pasta?

As it stands we don’t offer gluten free pasta. We always have some gluten free alternatives that we are able to direct people towards. We hope this helps!

why are you a cashless restaurant?

 It's safer, easier and prevents fraud. Cash 'tips' are still accepted.  

Why can’t I make a reservation for more than 10/12 people?

As a restaurant we can’t accommodate parties of more than ten people (12 in Manchester) because to serve more than ten dishes at any one time would involve a compromise in the food that we serve. 

Why do you allocate an hour and a half per booking?

Due to our small size, advanced reservations, sharing tables and high demand we have no option other than to apply this time limit for bookings of between 1-5 guests. For bookings of between 6-8 guests the table time is 1hr 45 mins and for 9-10 people we increase this to two hours.      

Can I hire the whole Restaurant for private dining?

The simple is answer is no! 

Do you cater for children?

We always have two Bambini pasta dishes on our menu for small children. 

Have A question for us?

Please contact us. 


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